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DPF (diesel particulate filter) filters can get blocked and illuminate a warning light on the dashboard, this often leads to reduced power from the engine.

We diagnose and fix DPF problems, operating mobile we can come to your home or work . Our mobile DPF diagnostic and regeneration service covers Stevenage, Hertfordshire Bedfordshire and beyond. 

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A DPF filter is fitted to modern diesel vehicles, the purpose of the dpf filter is to store soot particles from the exhaust gases whilst driving at low speeds and short driving distances. When the vehicle is driven at higher engine revs for a longer period the stored soot in the dpf is cleaned by dpf regeneration, this is done by the engine control unit on the vehicle.

Unfortunately dpf filters can get blocked for a number of reasons, we can diagnose the problem and regenerate the dpf and get the warning lights cleared from the dashboard.