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Does your van have a speed limiter on, we can help remove the speed restriction safely. Have you tried the main dealer to get your speed limiter taken off and been told it cant be done, we can help. we use advanced equipment that can remove the speed limiter on your van.

We operate a mobile van speed limiter removal service covering Stevenage, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire and beyond.

There are three main types of van speed limiters fitted on todays modern vans, Factory fitted speed limiters, Dealer enabled speed limiters and External aftermarket speed limiters. We can help remove these limiters safely and at the convenience of your own home or work place. Customers can also save money and come to us for a while you waite van speed limiter removal service.

We remove Van speed Limiters seven days a week from 8 am to 6 pm. We also accept all major card payments.

We remove speed limiters from these vans & more