Stevenage & surrounding areas, engine ECU remapping & chip tuning experts. We can offer you the performance gains you are looking for, all our remaps are custom made for your car or van.

We use the very latest remapping tools available and can remap new 2023 cars as well cars and vans back until year 1999. We offer performance chip tuning solutions to get your car chipped for more power and economy.

Other services we offer include, stage 1 and stage 2 remaps, economy remaps or a balance of power and economy.

Stevenage EGR delete and DPF delete service


This method of remapping is the quickest and cheapest and most popular. The reading and writing of the new software is all done through the vehicles OBD ( on board diagnostic port ).


This type of remapping is becoming more popular, it often involves removing the engine ECU from the vehicle and making a direct connection to the data pins to update the software. More expensive method used mainly when the OBD option can’t be done.


This type of remapping involves removing the engine ECU and removing the cover off the ECU to gain access to the boot point on the circuit board. This is the most expensive method of remapping and mainly used when the other remapping options are not available.